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3 Idiots – Another name for modern Geniuses

** Warning: This article could contain spoilers. So if you havn’t seen the movie, go see it first!” **

I am an Idiot. And I am accepting this fact, not to follow the trend of today’s youngsters, but because I really am! And I am putting this assertion on the fact that I waited for so long to watch it.



3 Idiots is the story of the guys, who are facing the most difficult times of their lives which is, to make a life! The students who face various kinds of tortures when getting admission to a renowned college, in the form of ragging, as well as the pressures of dealing with studies, and the expectations of their parents, these all are aptly shown in the film.
There are moments of joy, sad and of course, love, throughout the film. But what is prevalent, is the awesomeness of friendship, and the bonding which the trio shows and which could have been the reason alone, for proving it to be a hit.

Horton – Hearing someone no one could hear!

Horton Hears a Who!“, takes us inside to a world living on a spec of dust, where no one could believe that life can exist.

Its a testimony of how incredible, the idea of microscopic life can be instilled with adventure, comedy and horror in an animation of not more than one and a half hour. Comedy when we see the child like innocence of Horton, adventure for those who involved in, or against the elephant, and horror for the Whoville, whose town could be destroyed even if the dust falls in a drop of water.
  Continue reading Horton – Hearing someone no one could hear!

One Afternoon at a Pizza Hut

One thing in my life, which I hated when I ate it the first time, is the most popular food in the western countries – Pizza! I guess much time had passed between its cooking and the time I began to put that in my mouth!

The next time was all the way in my birthday, when I enjoyed it in a shop, along with a friend of mine, and you guessed right, it was for my birthday treat. The shop was Unique Cafe, situated in a famous location of East Delhi – Madhu Vihar Market. And this happened nearly four months ago.


Today, on the 16th day of 2010, I experienced, may be for a little while, what might eating in an expensive food joint feels. And believe me it feels good and may be a little awkward. Continue reading One Afternoon at a Pizza Hut

A Beautiful Mind

I saw this intriguing movie last night. A Beautiful Mind, based on the Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences, is the story of John Nash, about how he cope up with his brilliant mind, and his veridical friends.


This movie, takes us to a journey of his entire life, and we witness the world through the eyes of a mathematician, breaking some of the very complex encryptions, that would otherwise take too much resources to solve. Continue reading A Beautiful Mind

AVATAR – Alien World, never felt so alien!

If you want to know, what happens, when the maker of Titanic meets with the modern technological advancements, then Avatar is the movie you would want to see. With the glory of 3D, it is supposed to dazzle the audience with the brilliance of a world, which is part impossible to cease (like, floating mountains). And with the box office collections, it sure have managed to do so.
After many unsuccessful attempts to go to the theater, (juggling my job and personal life,) I finally made a plan to go for it, even if it meant, watching it alone!
So on the afternoon of a day when it was so freezing, feeling like I was in the north pole, I headed for V3S, Laxmi Nagar, where I had planned to watch it.
Buying the ticket was a big hole in the wallet, but worth it. I mean imagine, this is the only movie after Titanic, in which James Cameron is the Director, Writer as well as Producer! Continue reading AVATAR – Alien World, never felt so alien!

Where the Wild Things Are

“A boy living in his own fantasy land, feels ignorant when none of the fellow being give him attention. He runs of the house, and spends the most exciting time, probably of his entire life.” Sounds just like I wanted to do when I was a kid. Dammit, I want to do that even now!

This movie probably shows the physic state of a mind of a child, who has no friends in real world, or might be not able to get along, even if they exist. The wild things are actually one of the prettiest creatures I have seen onscreen. This movie is a great story of the relationships between him and those “wild things”.
If you are watching it, there’s a warning – Its pretty wild! and do justice for the title. Soundtracks and songs are perfect. I enjoyed it till the end and wish I met those for at least once, cause then I will able to show my wild side…

My Dream Friend

The poem, which I had written when I was in 11th Standard, for “Just Teens”, a section of the Hindustan Times newspaper. This poem got published, in the Write-In section!
When I would get my dream friend
Will it be tomorrow or sometime else?
I don’t know what a best friend means
Because till date I have never seen him
Is it my ego or do I peevish
Whatever it is I can never forgive
In this world of conceitation
Coping with others become a tension
I don’t believe in to be ostentatious
‘Cause I know it cant serve any purpose
I want to be natural I want to be Instinct
As in my opinion
True satisfaction lies only in it
Sometimes I think, may be that’s the reason
For why I do not have pals even one
In the journey to find a friend
I have got many intermediate one
But whenever I tried to question the truth
I am only dragged to the dark ends
To my almighty I can only say
Give me the power, give me the sense
For I could know other’s indigence
And fulfill their demands
If it is necessary to make a best friend
After all it is not worth
To make hundreds friends a year
But to make a friend for hundred years.

Vineet kumar
Class XI
November 2nd, 2003

FAQ about Time Travel

Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel” sounds like a kind of documentary. But on the contrary, its one of those jewel, which adds a sparkling touch to my personal “must watch movies on time travel” list.
What starts with a boring conversation, soon turns out to be the most adventurous night the trio friend would ever have. And with an attempt not to disclose any spoiler, my review for this movie ends here.

Actually this movie can be watched as a guide to the ones who are newbie to the idea of traveling in time, and the paradoxes it involves.
One thing’s for sure, that after this movie, I am a fan of Chris O’Dowd. I also watched the series, The IT Crowd, which featured Chris, as a geek, having a seat in basement of an IT building, serving them, and getting nothing than ignorance in return.

I loved the series, cause I could sometimes identify with him. His ascent (probably Irish) made the dialogues even fumier. “Have you tried turning it off an’ on again“, oh boy, how I used to recite it like a mantra after him. Just seems yesterday.

On closing note, remember, not to perceive a nerd as a nerd, rather, call him an imagineer!

Planet 51 – Dont know where other 50 Are

I decided to watch Planet 51, cause it had a word “planet” in it and it was an Animation, enough to fetish my childhood desires. Despite the green look of the characters (Aliens, to us), which resembled “The Shrek‘s” Ogre, I fairly enjoyed the movie. But the most lovable character was Skiff, whose cute innocent talks never seized to spread a smile on my face.

Planet 51, too had its emotional moments, and I totally enjoyed every bit of it. The question of “Are we alone in the Universe” was raised again; and again, we were, left to ponder upon. Overall its a good, cute, children movie, that an adult (or so called), too would not regret watching.

Primer – Complex to Understand than even Time itself.

Before I begin, I must say, that I love Time Travel movies. The journey of a man to the 4th dimension, and the probability of meeting with one’s own self is itself the most incredible idea that is enough to distill a world of possibilities (other than the probability that the Universe would collapse!).

But, I can claim one thing, that I have understood more of the story of Primer, after reading it on wikipedia, rather than watching the actual movie. I think, it would require a couple of watches more before I can fully understand the technicality of the story.

I would recommend this movie, for anyone with a high appetite for technical dialogue overdose or someone who wants to have a good night sleep!
But seriously its a must watch for a die hard lover of time travel concept, as it bring with it the most original and innovative method to travel back in time that I have witnessed the night of 1st Jan 2010… (albeit not so exciting, as to travel flying in DeLorean!).