Daily Archives: January 10, 2010

AVATAR – Alien World, never felt so alien!

If you want to know, what happens, when the maker of Titanic meets with the modern technological advancements, then Avatar is the movie you would want to see. With the glory of 3D, it is supposed to dazzle the audience with the brilliance of a world, which is part impossible to cease (like, floating mountains). And with the box office collections, it sure have managed to do so.
After many unsuccessful attempts to go to the theater, (juggling my job and personal life,) I finally made a plan to go for it, even if it meant, watching it alone!
So on the afternoon of a day when it was so freezing, feeling like I was in the north pole, I headed for V3S, Laxmi Nagar, where I had planned to watch it.
Buying the ticket was a big hole in the wallet, but worth it. I mean imagine, this is the only movie after Titanic, in which James Cameron is the Director, Writer as well as Producer! Continue reading AVATAR – Alien World, never felt so alien!