Daily Archives: January 16, 2010

One Afternoon at a Pizza Hut

One thing in my life, which I hated when I ate it the first time, is the most popular food in the western countries – Pizza! I guess much time had passed between its cooking and the time I began to put that in my mouth!

The next time was all the way in my birthday, when I enjoyed it in a shop, along with a friend of mine, and you guessed right, it was for my birthday treat. The shop was Unique Cafe, situated in a famous location of East Delhi – Madhu Vihar Market. And this happened nearly four months ago.


Today, on the 16th day of 2010, I experienced, may be for a little while, what might eating in an expensive food joint feels. And believe me it feels good and may be a little awkward. Continue reading One Afternoon at a Pizza Hut