Important Links & Stuffs

Here is the list of links and stuffs that I compiled for convenience:

The most important link, to get technical information about any movies, and to read love-hate reviews, (which I enjoy very much): IMDb
Google listings of the movies which are on the Celluloid screens across the place you live: Google Movies.



Nothing beats visiting the sites of the respective Cinema Halls, to get hands on information. So here is the website links, hall-wise:

Single website to book shows: Book My Show



If you are anything like me, and keep a collection of a lot of movies with yourself, then a Movie Cataloging software is an urgent need, to make you life a little simpler, and fun. So here is the link to the best Movie Cataloging applications from lifehacker you can try:
An awesome online catalog, to keep track of all the movies you watch. And it’s more than that, it’s social network for the movie buffs: icheckmovies. Add me here: My profile.



Forum links to discuss latest movies or, to give your own opinions on movies you would like others to watch: (Of course you have to have a forum account, which you can easily register get by registering).

Upcoming Movies Discussion Thread.

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