Important Links & Stuffs

Here is the list of links and stuffs that I compiled for convenience:

The most important link, to get technical information about any movies, and to read love-hate reviews, (which I enjoy very much): IMDb

Google listings of the movies which are on the Celluloid screens across the place you live: Google Movies. (Google Showtimes was discontinued on November 1, 2016.)


Nothing beats visiting the sites of the respective Cinema Halls, to get hands on information. So here is the website links, hall-wise:

  • Big Cinemas ( now not functional)*
  • Wave Cinemas
  • PVR Cinemas ( now returns gateway timeout)
  • DT Cinemas ( now not functional)
  • Fun Cinemas ( doesn’t load now)
  • Spice Cinemas ( now a blog)

Single website to book shows: Book My Show


If you are anything like me, and keep a collection of a lot of movies with yourself, then a Movie Cataloging software is an urgent need, to make you life a little simpler, and fun. So here is the link to the best Movie Cataloging applications from lifehacker you can try: Five Movie Catalog Application.

An awesome online catalog, to keep track of all the movies you watch. And it’s more than that, it’s social network for the movie buffs: icheckmovies. Add me here: My profile.


Forum links to discuss latest movies or, to give your own opinions on movies you would like others to watch: (Of course you have to have a forum account, which you can easily register get by registering).

* It’s sad to see so many theaters going shut, due to lockdown imposed due to coronavirus or otherwise.

This article last updated: 27-May-2020

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