Here I will bookmark some of the most important links I find on the web. Some would be obvious while others could be handpicked from the obscure parts of the web.
Your gateway to technology. This website publishes many useful tips and tricks articles that will help you making the most of technology. Do subscribe so that you don’t miss something useful.
Thinkdigit forum:
A forum where you can discuss any aspect of technology, news or random chit chat, get help from many members and get trolled from many wannabe but innocent trolls.
Give Away of the Day:
A site where you get daily dose of free software. Granted most of the time it’s a miss. But you do get occasional gems!
It’s sister site, gives away weekly games.
“WE COME FROM THE FUTURE”, is what they say. Hard to believe. But they do seem to have some of the coolest articles! Worth a daily check.
The link is about 7 traits of Effective Programmer. Website is must keep track for people related to Technology.
Portal for the Great Masters’s magazine, which includes Reader’s club as well as a full fledged forum.
A portal for bloggers, by bloggers. Where one can share their blogs and read others. And then some more…
Last Updated: 24-Feb-2015.

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