I like to call myself a Technologist. I love technology and the way it can be used to solve almost any problem. Next thing which I love is the movie world. If given a choice to live in the real world or in any virtual world of a movie, I would choose the world of Back to the Future (BTTF).

I am a fan of Spielberg. I love his creations. Robert Zemeckis is great for he had written the epic story of BTTF.

The Legacy:

Watching movies is in all it’s glory, like living another life, or at the very least experience it. The world which a movie brings to our mind, while we try to comprehend what and how the story unfolds, is no way less thrilling than a detective trying to solve a murder mystery. Some movies bring about every emotion from our faces, which we try to hide in these days of robotic life. Some movies make you cry, some make you aghast, while others make you Laugh Out Loud! Not really sure how it makes you feel fear, cause I rarely experience horror movies. I keep a distance from it since I think, there’s already a plethora of things to fear from our real lives!

The Imagination:

God have given each human have a gift. To Imagine. That’s the fuel for the movies. We can conceive of almost everything and anything with the help of our mind. You can live in any life that you can imagine. You can love anyone. You can die for your passion. You can be a hero. You can be a villain. You can be a superstar. Or you can just be a part of someone who have just witnessed a story and learned something from it. You can be inspired or you can inspire someone. And all of the magic happens in about a couple of hours, when you are lost in a world far far away.

The Achievement:

I think the biggest achievement happened when Movies met Technology. Now directors can do the job of bringing their Imagination to Celluloid in a more fluid manner. For movies, that means more freedom of expression. More unseen places and with more creative visualization and VFX that was never possible before. Technology have given wings to our imagination and when both of them blend almost the result is surreal.
In the Movie review section of this website I try to write reviews on some of the movies I watch from the perspective of a Technologist and I hope I do justice.

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