AVATAR – Alien World, never felt so alien!

If you want to know, what happens, when the maker of Titanic meets with the modern technological advancements, then Avatar is the movie you would want to see. With the glory of 3D, it is supposed to dazzle the audience with the brilliance of a world, which is part impossible to cease (like, floating mountains). And with the box office collections, it sure have managed to do so.
After many unsuccessful attempts to go to the theater, (juggling my job and personal life,) I finally made a plan to go for it, even if it meant, watching it alone!
So on the afternoon of a day when it was so freezing, feeling like I was in the north pole, I headed for V3S, Laxmi Nagar, where I had planned to watch it.
Buying the ticket was a big hole in the wallet, but worth it. I mean imagine, this is the only movie after Titanic, in which James Cameron is the Director, Writer as well as Producer!
I think its in my genes, that I become overly excited when the movie is about to start, and wait impatiently for the time,  when advertisement stops and movie begins. The most proud moment I feel after that, is when a message pops up on the screen, for the request for audience to stand, as the music of National Anthem fills the hall with a aura, that is hard to describe. I love the subtle remembrance about us being an Indian, despite that we are watching a movie, which is foreign.
And there it was, the movie begin, and soon I was on Pandora, living with the aliens. But after the movie I was wondering, who the real aliens were, them or us humans!
As the time flew, the spectacular world unfolded its hidden secrets, and I was lost in the so unbelievable world which was seeming more real than the bus or auto we take in order to reach our home.
In the end I was happy that I didn’t missed Avatar, and despite the fact that I couldn’t enjoy the movie in 3D, I was still enchanted by the magic, I experienced.
To conclude, following is an excerpt from my own dialogue with a friend, “Its true, that Hollywood just doesn’t create a story, but an entire Universe…”

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