3 Idiots – Another name for modern Geniuses

** Warning: This article could contain spoilers. So if you havn’t seen the movie, go see it first!” **

I am an Idiot. And I am accepting this fact, not to follow the trend of today’s youngsters, but because I really am! And I am putting this assertion on the fact that I waited for so long to watch it.



3 Idiots is the story of the guys, who are facing the most difficult times of their lives which is, to make a life! The students who face various kinds of tortures when getting admission to a renowned college, in the form of ragging, as well as the pressures of dealing with studies, and the expectations of their parents, these all are aptly shown in the film.
There are moments of joy, sad and of course, love, throughout the film. But what is prevalent, is the awesomeness of friendship, and the bonding which the trio shows and which could have been the reason alone, for proving it to be a hit.
I found the title of the film, to be quiet Ironic.If, having a super charged brain and a unique sense of social skills along with the ability to invent and create are the signs of an Idiot, then he definitely was one!
There was no doubt of the entertainment this film provided. Entire film is a roller coaster ride in humour, and one can easily forgets the misery of their lives, amidst the fun they have in the campus. But not All iss welll!
There are critics who believed that this film lacked in practicality.There are many examples, as explained in A Cynical Engineering Take on 3 Idiots Movie, which questions its implications, and points out that they were far from realistic.
And I am surprised by such quotes, and sometimes get cynical myself, to know the ambitions people have from a Bollywood film. I mean, what do people expected from 3 Idiots, which is tailored to be a blockbuster. Not many would want a documentary like in Discovery Channel, preaching about the loopholes in higher education colleges now, wouldn’t it?
But whatever be the motives behind making 3 Idiots and whatever be its effect on the masses, one thing is for sure, this film does points out to many of the most crucial aspects or flaws in today’s educational system. The most important being the fact that not everyone is given a chance to pursue their interest as their studies. The parents try  to achieve their dreams through the eyes of their children and in the process lost many of them, when the students starts to think that the only way to get rid of the trouble is by putting their life to an end.
To conclude I would just like to say that the mind of a student is not the place for pressure, and it’s best left for a pressure cooker. Albeit, it wont burst, but it sure would sound so loud that its echo would be unbearable to handle.
So in my opinion, 3 Idiots is a story not about their idiocy,  but about the genius that prevalent in each one of us. What matters is the direction we apply it to.
And even if you think that you don’t, then fool your heart, cause “dil to bevakoof hota hai”.
“Chase Excellence and success will follow”!
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One thought on “3 Idiots – Another name for modern Geniuses

  1. I also really enjoyed watching this movie. not only because of the gyan but because of the wholesome entertainment it offered.

    Aamir Khan comes across as a guy who knows his stuff.he offers something new and exciting each time and thats what sets him out from the other khans.

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