Horton – Hearing someone no one could hear!

Horton Hears a Who!“, takes us inside to a world living on a spec of dust, where no one could believe that life can exist.

Its a testimony of how incredible, the idea of microscopic life can be instilled with adventure, comedy and horror in an animation of not more than one and a half hour. Comedy when we see the child like innocence of Horton, adventure for those who involved in, or against the elephant, and horror for the Whoville, whose town could be destroyed even if the dust falls in a drop of water.
Its later that I came to know that the voice of Horton, the elephant, was of Jim Carrey, one of my favorite actors of Hollywood. No wonder I loved the elephant and besides, he was way too cute! I also loved Morton, the rat who is Horton’s best friend, and always tried to bring him down to earth whenever he flies too high in his dreams, which he see mostly in the daylight.

The idea of beings so microscopic that its unimaginable to even think is not a new one. I recall, watching Men in Black many years ago, which too showed this idea in a fashion only Hollywood can do. The end shot of Men in Black where, our whole universe, is zoomed out of a marble, which a giant creature (for us) is playing with, just took my breath away the first time I watched it.

In the end, I could conclude, that this fun-packed family movie, is as well as entertaining, as its educational, and definitely imparts us the wisdom, to never see the world with the same eyes again!

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