Primer – Complex to Understand than even Time itself.

Before I begin, I must say, that I love Time Travel movies. The journey of a man to the 4th dimension, and the probability of meeting with one’s own self is itself the most incredible idea that is enough to distill a world of possibilities (other than the probability that the Universe would collapse!).

But, I can claim one thing, that I have understood more of the story of Primer, after reading it on wikipedia, rather than watching the actual movie. I think, it would require a couple of watches more before I can fully understand the technicality of the story.

I would recommend this movie, for anyone with a high appetite for technical dialogue overdose or someone who wants to have a good night sleep!
But seriously its a must watch for a die hard lover of time travel concept, as it bring with it the most original and innovative method to travel back in time that I have witnessed the night of 1st Jan 2010… (albeit not so exciting, as to travel flying in DeLorean!).

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