Back to the Future

The mind of a true Sci-Fi lover would immediately recognize the title of this article.
Back to the Future” is a Robert Zemeckis epic movie which captured the imagination of 80’s. With a mind blowing story of a boy getting in trouble even before he was born and the special effects so great for the time, this movie was produced, it truly and literally justifies the title.
And yes, the eve of the new year, on Thursday, 31st December 2009, I was celebrating with my friend Ankur, watching the 2nd part of this incredible trilogy.
Memories came flooding back and each hair on my body was feeling the excitement as I was following the story. No matter how many times do I see it, it always feels the same, as it had when I first watched it years ago on AXN.
My only wish would be to watch this movie on the big screen. But for that I may need the  DeLorean, for the first part was released one year before I was born.
Time to go back in time…
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