My Letter to Discovery

As my First official blog, I want to quote following letter which I wrote almost, 5 years ago to discovery channel. I am sharing this letter, in order to explain my philosophy towards life, which I think still persists today.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am ‘Vineet Kumar’; an 18-year boy completed my senior secondary education. I live in the capital city of India, Delhi. I am a strange child but having ordinary abilities, having my father full of expectations for me to come to a higher post.My hobby includes writing, listening music and making creative things. My interest includes gaining knowledge about anything related to physics, human body, different places, universe etc. I love computers as I get the chance to show my creativity by making different programs on it. The topics, which I look forward to see on educational channels like Discovery: Time Travel, Facts about Space, Supernatural powers, Extra-Terrestrial Life, Robotics, Technology and anything that gives me the chance to discover something new about the world.
Discovery has fascinated me since my childhood. Whenever I see any program on it, I get to know a lot about above-mentioned interests. In addition to this, there are many instances, when during the show, I got to listen about various experiences of daily life, that I first used to think that it happens only with me, like: ‘Deja-vu’- a state of mind, when we feel that we are familiar with the incident happening at present. And also the program of discovery gives me an educated and calculated perspective of life, which includes every possibility and dimensions.
Together with NGC and America’s high concept movies, I now have become very contemplative in nature. Every course of action and each scenario before my eyes, take me to a world where I am a doctor and with the tool of my mind I examine the situation very minutely and sometimes murder it in the procedure and the condition becomes more worse.
In simple words – I think a lot, more than enough. Like the movie by Steven SpielbergAI (Artificial Intelligence) has an everlasting impact on me. After watching the movie I could hardly speak or think, as I was not in front of the TV set that time, I was in the future with the Aliens and a boy who is not real, but a robot, willing to go to any extent to get a mom, which would love him the same way as to his son. Now after that, I couldn’t possibly stop me from thinking about my mom, because now I know how lucky I am to have her. This was not the end. It transformed me from head to toe and stand out to be the boy of completely variant perspective of thinking.
So what’s the problem, that’s good, you must be thinking so. I also wanted this to be true. But that’s not the case.
I do appreciate nature and all that which makes us so distinct specie and our planet so unique. But this makes me different from others around me. And might be so I have no friends. My thinking doesn’t match anyone. Whenever I put my idea in front of someone, they find it hard to swallow, and thus thwart me out. This makes me more frustrate and I keep me limit to myself, which also breaks my confidence. The result: the boy who never cared about his looks is now trying to be fashioned and to keep me away from the deepness of life. But still I do not want to live in the world of hypocrisy, as talked in the poem ‘Once Upon a Time’ by ‘Gabriel Okara’. I want to explore life, but it can’t happen in my world where I live.
So this is my dilemma. I don’t know which way to go, because both have its pros and cons.
Thank you to give this letter some of your precious time. I know I am strange, but I hope you have understood me, and would be so kind to pass your suggestion to me. You may ask my opinion on any of my interests, I will love to write my ideas to you.
Thank you again,
Vineet Kumar (A science lover and admirer)
Age 18,
Delhi, India.

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