FAQ about Time Travel

Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel” sounds like a kind of documentary. But on the contrary, its one of those jewel, which adds a sparkling touch to my personal “must watch movies on time travel” list.
What starts with a boring conversation, soon turns out to be the most adventurous night the trio friend would ever have. And with an attempt not to disclose any spoiler, my review for this movie ends here.

Actually this movie can be watched as a guide to the ones who are newbie to the idea of traveling in time, and the paradoxes it involves.
One thing’s for sure, that after this movie, I am a fan of Chris O’Dowd. I also watched the series, The IT Crowd, which featured Chris, as a geek, having a seat in basement of an IT building, serving them, and getting nothing than ignorance in return.

I loved the series, cause I could sometimes identify with him. His ascent (probably Irish) made the dialogues even fumier. “Have you tried turning it off an’ on again“, oh boy, how I used to recite it like a mantra after him. Just seems yesterday.

On closing note, remember, not to perceive a nerd as a nerd, rather, call him an imagineer!

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