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Inception – Dare to Dream

Leonardo DiCaprio at the Body of Lies film pre...Image via Wikipedia
The first thing which comes to mind after you have watched the trailorof Inception, is that you will see Leonardo DiCaprio on the Big screen! It’s a known fact, about him being a good actor, and its hard to imagine him without getting the record-setting “Titanicin mind. But I am glad to say that Inception may have broken this cliché, and instead many people would now remember him for Inception instead!
Although its very difficult to write a review of Inception, after just a single watch (ya, its that obscure), but this is just an account of my experience and knowledge while doing so.


Inception is all about dreams, and its invasion. Few people, has the technology to go inside someone’s dream, and steal what is called the most important thing in the modern world – Information or secrets. “Cobb”, the main protagonist of the story (of course Leo), has a job to use their dreams to extract the information, and hence he is called, “extractor”. As the story progresses we watch Cobb and his team  playing with the minds of people that they target, while Cobb trying to deal with his own secrets of his memories. That’s all is needed to Incept the idea of Inception in your minds.

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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (BTEA hereon), is an adventure which must have been the envy of every student who ever wished to make a history project in there school times.
BTEA is a story of two friends, Bill and Ted, and there journey through time, collecting many historical figures, in real person, like the Greek Philosopher – Socrates from about 410 BC, and
Joan of Arc from about 1430 AD to the 16th President of US, and most popular among them, Mr. Abrahim Lincoln. They all are literally captured by the duo in an attempt to pass in their History report!
I know, sounds a little strange, but trust me, its an epic adventure. Continue reading Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Napolean Dynamite – No its not a War Story

Kevin Rion, actor of Napoleon DynamiteImage via Wikipedia

The first thing that may come to mind after reading the title “Napolean Dynamite“, would either be that this is some kind of a Historical story or a historical War movie. But let me tell you that it is infact neither of the two! Its a name of the guy, played by Jon HederHe may be a nerd or having some kind of Mental disorder, the clarity of which is not clear in the story. (Do let me know, if it clears to you).
To quote IMDB, this movie is about “A listless and alienated teenager, (who) decides to help his new friend win the class presidency in their small western high school, while he must deal with his bizarre family life back home.
I watched this movie, just for the sake of curiosity, cause I had heard many opinions about it. Dont remember, if it was positive or not, but I certainly fell in love with the characters. There’s something about him, that makes him familiar. His geekiness, maybe, or the way he says, :Gosh! There’s a kind of innocence, a child inside him, which I think prevails inside me too.
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Clockstoppers – being Hyper

Have you ever wished you had more time, when all of your friends are shouting at you, for being late to the party, and you are struggling with your dress, which is failing to put on the right place, just at the right time. Or have you ever being frustrated for being late at the class or at the office, afraid of how might your boss react?

ClockstoppersImage via Wikipedia

Almost everyone of us, have demanded more time then we get. And its the only thing that instead flies, with the promise that it would never return…. Okay, I sometimes carry away, when I talk about “Time”. So I was saying that if you ever had the shortage of seconds, then the Clock from the movie, Clockstoppers is a gadget you will have to dream of. “Dream” because it would take extreme luck for you to acquire such a device, on which there would be the eyes of some of the villians, who will try to snatch it from you, at every tick of the second you proceed with the clock. Continue reading Clockstoppers – being Hyper

The Ruins – Better not watch this!

I saw this movie by chance, when I cached its beginning, on TV at night. And I think, I would have been better, without it. The movie is so gross; I get goose bumps whenever I remember those scenes. Those horrible situations!

The Ruins” is a horror movie, although not the best in its genre, but still a great deal to follow for someone like me! The plot involves a few tourists travelling to an ancient Mayan temple of Mexican Jungle, where they became the target of carnivorous plants, ready to eat them alive! Yes you read it right, and it does sound creepy.

Well, I have nothing to write more. If you do want to watch this; then let me warn you – this movie is not for the faint of hearts. And I am sure, even strong hearts would want to skip this one. It contains every thing that makes it irresistible to avoid. And I am glad I saw it on TV, cause most of the horror was censored. Sometimes censoring is good 😉

Horton – Hearing someone no one could hear!

Horton Hears a Who!“, takes us inside to a world living on a spec of dust, where no one could believe that life can exist.

Its a testimony of how incredible, the idea of microscopic life can be instilled with adventure, comedy and horror in an animation of not more than one and a half hour. Comedy when we see the child like innocence of Horton, adventure for those who involved in, or against the elephant, and horror for the Whoville, whose town could be destroyed even if the dust falls in a drop of water.
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A Beautiful Mind

I saw this intriguing movie last night. A Beautiful Mind, based on the Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences, is the story of John Nash, about how he cope up with his brilliant mind, and his veridical friends.


This movie, takes us to a journey of his entire life, and we witness the world through the eyes of a mathematician, breaking some of the very complex encryptions, that would otherwise take too much resources to solve. Continue reading A Beautiful Mind

AVATAR – Alien World, never felt so alien!

If you want to know, what happens, when the maker of Titanic meets with the modern technological advancements, then Avatar is the movie you would want to see. With the glory of 3D, it is supposed to dazzle the audience with the brilliance of a world, which is part impossible to cease (like, floating mountains). And with the box office collections, it sure have managed to do so.
After many unsuccessful attempts to go to the theater, (juggling my job and personal life,) I finally made a plan to go for it, even if it meant, watching it alone!
So on the afternoon of a day when it was so freezing, feeling like I was in the north pole, I headed for V3S, Laxmi Nagar, where I had planned to watch it.
Buying the ticket was a big hole in the wallet, but worth it. I mean imagine, this is the only movie after Titanic, in which James Cameron is the Director, Writer as well as Producer! Continue reading AVATAR – Alien World, never felt so alien!

Where the Wild Things Are

“A boy living in his own fantasy land, feels ignorant when none of the fellow being give him attention. He runs of the house, and spends the most exciting time, probably of his entire life.” Sounds just like I wanted to do when I was a kid. Dammit, I want to do that even now!

This movie probably shows the physic state of a mind of a child, who has no friends in real world, or might be not able to get along, even if they exist. The wild things are actually one of the prettiest creatures I have seen onscreen. This movie is a great story of the relationships between him and those “wild things”.
If you are watching it, there’s a warning – Its pretty wild! and do justice for the title. Soundtracks and songs are perfect. I enjoyed it till the end and wish I met those for at least once, cause then I will able to show my wild side…

FAQ about Time Travel

Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel” sounds like a kind of documentary. But on the contrary, its one of those jewel, which adds a sparkling touch to my personal “must watch movies on time travel” list.
What starts with a boring conversation, soon turns out to be the most adventurous night the trio friend would ever have. And with an attempt not to disclose any spoiler, my review for this movie ends here.

Actually this movie can be watched as a guide to the ones who are newbie to the idea of traveling in time, and the paradoxes it involves.
One thing’s for sure, that after this movie, I am a fan of Chris O’Dowd. I also watched the series, The IT Crowd, which featured Chris, as a geek, having a seat in basement of an IT building, serving them, and getting nothing than ignorance in return.

I loved the series, cause I could sometimes identify with him. His ascent (probably Irish) made the dialogues even fumier. “Have you tried turning it off an’ on again“, oh boy, how I used to recite it like a mantra after him. Just seems yesterday.

On closing note, remember, not to perceive a nerd as a nerd, rather, call him an imagineer!