Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (BTEA hereon), is an adventure which must have been the envy of every student who ever wished to make a history project in there school times.
BTEA is a story of two friends, Bill and Ted, and there journey through time, collecting many historical figures, in real person, like the Greek Philosopher – Socrates from about 410 BC, and
Joan of Arc from about 1430 AD to the 16th President of US, and most popular among them, Mr. Abrahim Lincoln. They all are literally captured by the duo in an attempt to pass in their History report!
I know, sounds a little strange, but trust me, its an epic adventure.
Released just about 10 months before second part of Back to the Future Trilogy, BTEA makes little or no attempt to face the paradoxes of time travel. And the way which story goes, kinda looks childish, but who’s complaining? Its quiet an adventure and visually good for its time. The best part: you get to travel in a tunnel of time and can actually “see” the time flowing, and going to a particular time is as convenient as dialling a number in the booth, literally!
If you have seen The Matrix, you would be amazed by the teen look of Keanu Reeves. I mean, I recognized much later in the movie that he was the Matrix superstar! What can I tell you about Matrix? I believe it was a landmark in the history of Hollywood. And there are just two kinds of movies, those made before the Matix and those after. But thats another story.
BTEA definitely comes among the tops in my list of must see time travel movies.
Just for the record, these are some of the people you can expect to meet in BTEA.

(From Left to Right) Socrates, John Or Arc, Abrahim Lincoln, Genghis Khan, Beethoven.

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