The Must Have Android Apps

It’s been exact two months since I made a decision to buy LG Optimus One as my first smartphone. And I fulfilled the promise. I bought O1 from, and which was also one of the first online shopping experience for me.
My heart beats were racing on high rates while I was unboxing the package. Along came out the shiniest piece of gadget my eyes has ever experienced live.
And the rest is history…
While I would save the story for my feelings for the gadget for some other time this article is an attempt to list all the android apps that I have discovered over the 54 days of my use of the phone.

The list is not in any particular order, and the apps listed with the word [root] requires root privilege to work.
(Star means newly added, after writing the original article.)



AndChat (Free) [The best IRC client]
ASTRO File Manager [The best file manager]
Camera360 Ultimate
Endomondo Sports Tracker [To track the distance or route you travel]
Dropbox [The best cross platform file sharing app]
Google Goggles [Best app to read those QR codes and search with images]
Hindu Calendar [Useful sometimes, when mom needs to know dates of some festival :P ]
iMobile [App from ICICI customers, very useful to me, I do prepaid recharge from this]
Indian Railway App – Disha [PNR check, availability checker, train schedule and more]
Opera Mobile web browser
SMS Backup + [Best app to take Backup of your SMS’s on your Google Account]
WhatsApp Messenger [Universal Bluetooth, as I like to call it Send sms, share pics etc…]
Remember The Milk [Cloud Mobile Task Management]
Pulse News* [Best news aggregator app]
Quick Boot* [Lets you reboot or shutdown, without using actual power button. For those, who fears they would break hardware button. Like me.]
Photo Resizer* [Does what it says]Astrid [Homage to this little To Do and Reminder app that was at pinnacle of its service, until it decided to shut down on 5th of August 2013. I will miss you.]


Mobo Player* [A must have video player]
MX Player* [Together with Mobo player, this gives you all the power you need to play whatever format of video you trying to play]
TTPod Music Player* [Most awesome music player. Fetches lyrics automatically and sync with your song, as one of its unique feature. Screenshots]


Social networking

Facebook for Android
Google+ [Also helps to sync photos with your google account]
Yahoo! Mail
Tapatalk (paid app, to browse TDF)
Anomo [Social Networking for Introverts, where you choose what to reveal about yourself and when]

Games and Fun

(these are all I have tried and I loved it)
SpeedX 3D [One of the most awesome game!]
aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free [Nice demonstration of the accelerometer in your phone]
Chess Free
Friction Mobile
Light Racer 3D Basic [Best 3D TRON game]
Shoot Bubble Deluxe [Quite Addictive]
SpeedCar [Nice time pass for a while]
Asphalt 8: Airborne [Best racing game I ever played. I play this even when I have best racing games installed on PC :P]
ComiXology [COMICS! Best for tablets]
QuizUp [Quiz On! This app provides an easy multiplayer rounds of quiz from ever increasing topics. Quite get very addictive if you love the challenge. You have been warned.]


Android Assistant [provides many tools to manage your Android]
Auto Rotate Widget [Nifty app to toggle auto-rotate setting]
Battery Solo Widget [Nifty app to demonstrate battery remaining in number on home screen]
Brightness Control
ConnectBot [Terminal for your Linux (Andriod)]
Fast Reboot [Just tap and it terminates every app]
ROM Manager [root]
Titanium Backup [root]
Apps 2 SD [Move app 2 SD]
CacheCleaner NG [root] [Cleans up the cache, providing some free memory]
Screen Filter* [Lets you set brightness lower than default, when you need it, like at night]
Set DNS* [root] [To change default DNS in your Android]
AppLock [To lock specific apps with a passcode]
GravityScreen [So this app knows when to turn the phone on and lock it back on its own. Magic? Not quite. But using sensors. You can also pause it for a while when you don’t want to automatically lock your device]
BootManager* [root] [Lets you disable start up items. You will need this if you are like me and install tons of app]
Pushbullet [root] [Its an app thats a MUST. Share stuff from your PC to your phone/tablet. Get phone notifications on your PC. As the app describes, “No more eMailing to yourself”!]

Special Mention

XPosed Installer* [root] [This app is not for the faint of heart. If you like to mod the ROM beyond your imaginations you might want to get this framework. After you install this framework, you can choose from many Modules available online that would let you mod your ROM anyway you want.]

Benchmark and Test apps

Quadrant Standard Edition
SD Tools [To bench mark your SD Card]
Multitouch Visible Test [To demonstrate Axis Inversion bug, if your phone have it]
Root Checker Basic
3D Mark [To bench mark your SD Card]


Metal Detector [Sometimes works, sometimes don’t. You tell me.]
Guitar : Solo Lite [lol]
Perfect Piano [double lol]
Talking Cat 2 [Must have to awe people]
Amazon Appstore [Amazon provides an App for free each day]
This is of course not an exhaustive list in any way. I will add more apps in the list as and when I would discover it!
Last updated: 25th March 2014.

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