My Nexus 7

I bought Nexus 7, 16 GB, 2012 Wifi model from Flipkart a week ago. And I have to say, it is one of my most awesome investment that I ever did. I immediately started my research on rooting it so that I can unlock the true potential of this beast. Now I have installed Ubuntu Touch on N7 and its dual boot with Android. But I faced numerous challenges in doing so, due to lack of experience in this regard. I decided to document my research and finding so that other who may want to unlock the bootloader of N7 and want to flash Ubuntu Touch can do so easily.
I am going to post this guide in three part post. In this first part I am presenting unboxing video and some screenshots of the N7 running Jelly Bean.

Images are scaled down, click the image to open the image in its original quality
The Lock screen:

Home screen:

Home screen in Portrait:

Notifications drop down:

Settings drop down:

Running Jelly Bean:

App drawer:

Data Usage Screen:

Terminal and Stock Keyboard:

About screen:


A few benchmarks on stock:


Nenamark 2.4:

Neocore showed following error:

3D Mark scores:

Follow the second part of the post, where I write about how to unlock the bootloader.

5 thoughts on “My Nexus 7

  1. The information provided in part-1 is very helpful. I’m eagerly waiting for the remaining two parts. Good luck and many thanks again. Appreciated 🙂

    1. Thanks man! In other two parts I have described how to root the device through ADB and then to install Ubuntu Touch on it. (which is very buggy atm).

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