My Nexus 7

I bought Nexus 7, 16 GB, 2012 Wifi model from Flipkart a week ago. And I have to say, it is one of my most awesome investment that I ever did. I immediately started my research on rooting it so that I can unlock the true potential of this beast. Now I have installed Ubuntu Touch on N7 and its dual boot with Android. But I faced numerous challenges in doing so, due to lack of experience in this regard. I decided to document my research and finding so that other who may want to unlock the bootloader of N7 and want to flash Ubuntu Touch can do so easily.
I am going to post this guide in three part post. In this first part I am presenting unboxing video and some screenshots of the N7 running Jelly Bean.

Images are scaled down, click the image to open the image in its original quality
The Lock screen:

Home screen:

Home screen in Portrait:

Notifications drop down:

Settings drop down:

Running Jelly Bean:

App drawer:

Data Usage Screen:

Terminal and Stock Keyboard:

About screen:


A few benchmarks on stock:


Nenamark 2.4:

Neocore showed following error:

3D Mark scores:

Follow the second part of the post, where I write about how to unlock the bootloader.

5 thoughts on “My Nexus 7

  1. The information provided in part-1 is very helpful. I’m eagerly waiting for the remaining two parts. Good luck and many thanks again. Appreciated 🙂

    1. Thanks man! In other two parts I have described how to root the device through ADB and then to install Ubuntu Touch on it. (which is very buggy atm).

  2. Is this trick works using OTG cable to access external storage and 3G dongle on Nexus 7 2013 under kitkat version?

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