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Clockstoppers – being Hyper

Have you ever wished you had more time, when all of your friends are shouting at you, for being late to the party, and you are struggling with your dress, which is failing to put on the right place, just at the right time. Or have you ever being frustrated for being late at the class or at the office, afraid of how might your boss react?

ClockstoppersImage via Wikipedia

Almost everyone of us, have demanded more time then we get. And its the only thing that instead flies, with the promise that it would never return…. Okay, I sometimes carry away, when I talk about “Time”. So I was saying that if you ever had the shortage of seconds, then the Clock from the movie, Clockstoppers is a gadget you will have to dream of. “Dream” because it would take extreme luck for you to acquire such a device, on which there would be the eyes of some of the villians, who will try to snatch it from you, at every tick of the second you proceed with the clock. Continue reading Clockstoppers – being Hyper