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Convert VBA Editor to Dark Theme

So there I was, trying to find best color combination for making my VBA editor in dark theme. While I did find an open source utility on GitHub to hack the VBE.dll and then replace it in the system, I simply wanted to know a color combination that I can quickly set in the built in VBA color palette editor so that I can make the editor dark.

So I made this guide for myself to do just that, a quick 2 min will give you dark theme!

To set these, in the VBA editor, goto Tools -> Options -> Editor Format. Then refer below table to set the colors.

Now set the colors to below:

Normal Text White Black
Comment Text Dark Grey Black
Keyword Text Light Green Black
Identifier Text Sky Blue Black
Bookmark Text Dark Green Black
Call Return Text Blue Black

And there, in 2 min now your VBA editor looks something like below. You can tweak it to your liking.

Final result