Buying Dilemma of a New Phone (to Talk)

So, its one of those time of the year, when you feel your (old) phone is getting too old to handle, and there could be many reasons for feeling so, depending on the type of consumer you are.

For me, I am now looking for a new phone, since its giving me a few troubles (which translates to MANY, in my case!).
Personally I don’t want to leave my Sony Ericsson W550i (Walkman), which was a present to me 2 yrs ago from my dad on my birthday and since then, I have built a relationship with this phone. This phone is amazing. Without getting too emotional, I just want to tell that its dedicated keys for Multimedia, Camera, Lock and Video Player is awesome, but also it has so much of features, that just makes it too cool to handle.
But the features didn’t began to give me troubles, if that’s what you have started to speculate. In reality, the phone was getting old. Due to my bad handling (I can be pretty rough at times), a few buttons started deminish and finally stopped working. Call started to get dropped, and people wasn’t able to hear me, even if I screamed!
So as I said earlier, I am looking for a new phone. And this time, I just have One prority: Talk!
Its amazing to think that an idea of a mobile phone, began with just a basic principle, which was to “talk”, but soon extended to Instant Messaging and then to MMS, then multimedia, browsing… and the rest is history.
For my current need I just want a phone with the most basic necessity in mind, that is be able to talk without interruption, and with long talk time. BUT my winding mind, could not have been so perplexed if that was the only case. The other requirement which is now also important to me is radio. After all, a radio is the only piece of technology that even father of my grandpa also used to operate!
After a long research over the price and design, I have selected these mobiles, for they each have two things in common, they can be used to talk, and listen radio.
Nokia 5030  (Link2)
Micromax X100
Nokia 1616
Nokia 1661
Nokia 1280

List of Phones with Prices (may be Outdated, but gives an upper bound)The only thing which I need now is a premonition, about which to really use to make those calls.
Any help?

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