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My experiences out in the mega pixel real world, rides to places where my bike takes me, and 360° images of beautiful places, you will find it all linked at this place.

Park near Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

Recently I went to a location called “Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal”. This is located in Central Ridge Reserve Forest, walking distance from the nearest Metro station of Jhandewalan. Here’s the 360º Panorama taken from Google Camera.

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Landscape of Lansdowne

Year 2014 at a Glance

Year 2014 was one of the busiest year so far. And while my friends are busy posting what made their past year so happening on Facebook I thought I shall not rely on some artificial algorithm to tell my story of the year 2014. Hence what follows next are some of my real life experiences with lots of personal touch.

2014 proved to be a very important year for personal growth, learning and getting new experiences. I worked on many projects at job, revived old technologies and learned new ones. 2014 was a sad year for a lot of people but it also proved historical one for Indian political system.

During the first quarter of 2014, I caught myself in a situation where two of my immediate seniors at job left almost simultaneously leaving me in charge of a whole new set of responsibilities. That was a sudden change in the pace of my life but nothing which I couldn’t handle if I followed what my peers had taught me.

Nasir Akhtar is one of those good colleague/friend/peer who have the most impact on my way of doing things, atleast since last couple of years. He is one of the guy who have a clear vision about everything. He use to imagine something in his mind and do it ten times better on paper. He also have the charm to impress someone by his wits and convince anyone with his intellect. He had a sense of business little people have at his age, yet he was the most humble where he needed to be. A Software Engineer needs such person so that they can understand the client’s requirement to the core and can give solutions no matter how out of the box it were. When such person leave a corporation nothing can prepare you for the future. One can only hope that he can carry the legacy that the person built with such passion.

Moving on, there were lots of experiences about the job that I can share but largely it involves with meeting new colleagues and learning from them. But one thing which I really enjoyed at my workplace was Team Outings. I went to 2 places outside Delhi as part of the team outing. First of them being a trip to Lansdowne, a town in Garhwal district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It was a breathtaking trip that our team planned in April of 2014. With hoards of fresh air in the valley, enough to quench the thirst of freshness that people like you living in metro cities like Delhi, long for! We went to places like Bhulla Taal, a park; Tip-In-Top point (one of the highest places of mountain, with an incredible view); and Jai Tarkheshwar Dham temple.

That was only the beginning. After a while on 4-Oct some friends including Ankur, Nasir and Ashutosh, planned to make a trip to Kasauli, a cantonment and town, located in Solan district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, to take a breather from the daily routine of work. But this trip proved nothing to be a breather and instead was one heck of a ride. We only had 2 weekend days to spare and with no proper planning we booked tickets to Kalka. After reaching Kalka we took a bus to Kausauli and wandered in what seemed to be a location straight out of heaven. Streets were made of stones and had an inclination so steep that if you lie horizontally it would be nice game of rolling down the street (with possibly sad ending where you fall in some deep valley). We didn’t have a hotel room booked which implied we either book a room costing upwards of Rs 4 thousand or spend night down-town in Kalka and came back to Kasauli the next morning. Being on a budget trip we eventually choose the later. After spending night back in Kalka we also had to reach Kasauli for the Sunrise. So next day, (very) early at 3:30 am, we headed to the station took Toy Train and reached Dharampur from where after taking a Taxi we finally reached Sunshine point just a little after sun rise and managed to take following pic:

Sunrise in Kasauli
Sunrise in Kasauli

We also went to see Manki point (where cameras are not allowed), Kasauli Church and also spent time in one of the local dharamshala in Kasauli (which very less people would know is very affordable if you are traveling in a budget). I would remember Kasauli trip for a long time since it was a tip where little to no planning was done and still it wasn’t half as bad an experience.

Next trip I had was to Katra and Vaishno Devi on 6th November. No, I wasn’t in some spiritual intervention or in need of some divine enlightenment but I went there with my sister for an exam which she had to give. Since the exam got delayed we made a plan to go to Vaishno Devi. And even though I didn’t have any initial plan to go there the experience was both tiring as well as pleasant. Walking to the top of the mountain let me judge my inner limits and each milestone proved to be a new emotional barrier. The only encouragement for me to climb to the top was the excitement of my sis who seem to have little to no impact of the potential energy that the height imposed on her. Slowly and steadily like the tortoise I did climb to the top and witnessed the glory of Mataji in all her eternal beauty and took her blessings. Ever so slowly I walked down from the mountain but this time using stairs which provided a quicker way to the valley. Overall it was a journey my legs won’t easily forget for next few weeks. Following is an enthralling beauty of Katra valley as seen from the top of Vaishno Devi mountain:

View of Katra Valley from Top
View of Katra Valley from Top

The last trip I made outside Delhi was of Jaipur as yet again with my Team on 21 November. My legs were still echoing the pains of the Vaishno Devi trip but at-least this time we weren’t going to climb any mountain in Jaipur. What followed was another enchanting journey to a place I had only imagined in likes of Delhi Trade Fairs. But a Pavilion of a city can’t be compared to the actual experience of being in the city, especially with so many other people.

The thing I found myself doing the most in Jaipur was counting how many stuff in Jaipur are Pink! I found that it’s said to be “Pink City” for a reason. Most of the things in Jaipur are actually Pink. From forts to walls, and from hotels to buses. You will find a flair of Pink in almost every street. We saw Hawa Mahal, did shopping in the shops behind the Mahal, and went to “Chokhi Dhani” a place where everything good about Jaipur and Rajasthan were curated at a single place. We drank the milk, saw folk dance, played some games, saw flame throwers and rope walkers and it ended with us being filled by the popular dinner where local people try to stuff every bit of your stomach with some flavour of Jaipur. We also went to Jantar Mantar which puts the one in Delhi to shame. Since as per the story the one in Delhi was only built as a test ground by Jai Singh, who was a Rajput king. But the Jantar Mantar in Jaipur was kind of a final version and which still can be used to calculate time with great precision. Overall the trip of Jaipur was one of the most fascinating journey and which marked a good end of 2014 when it comes to Incredible India!

Choki Dhani in Jaipur
Choki Dhani in Jaipur
Jantar Mantar in Jaipur
Jantar Mantar in Jaipur

And before I forget I must also add that we also went to Amer Fort which is one of the coolest forts I ever saw in my own city, with lots of places to hide, there by making it the most awesome place to play Hide n’ Seek! Following is some of its magnificence, as it looks from the outside:

Amer Fort in Jaipur
Amer Fort in Jaipur

Well, apart from places above I also went to see many places in Delhi itself like Agrasen Ki Baoli and Humayun’s Tomb.

On a personal development curve I started to work on projects which allowed me to revive my SQL Server skills and I also got introduced to new and developing technology called, “Salesforce”.

I also did a lot of shopping in 2014, including a new phone for my sis: Moto E and a Moto X for myself. Well, Moto X warrants for another dedicated post so I would be writing about this revolutionizing piece of tech in detail later.

Lastly, I would also like to mention about one of my school friend, “Atul Jain” which got married on 7 December. Atul together with Abhishek, we use to compare ourselves to the 3 friends of Dil Chahta Hai. Hence his marriage was surely a shocker to me. Almost 9 years after departing from school and now his life have changed for forever. Just one day changes everything. My blessings will always be with him.

2014 proved to be a year with lots of experiences in my personal life, just like our nation went through the experience of change in government. With Mr. Narender Modi (NaMo) becoming Prime Minister of India from May, India is on a verge of so many change with the biggest change according to me is “hope”. Now the people of the nation have “hope” that our country can excel in the markets of the world and that India can be a synonymous of everything positive.

I feel that this “new found hope” have become part of me somehow. Some of the atoms inside me have chosen to absorb the energies imparted by the new positivity of the nation itself.

Well speaking of which it would be ironical to say that during the end of year my health took a bad curve. I had to make the transition of new year lying in bed in fever. So I hope I get fixed soon and can return to my full potential for 2015, for it will be a year of change. There’s lot of changes to be seen, many things to complete and much greater stuff to learn. It’s time to switch from the Mega lane to the Giga one and with full throttle.

Minimalism and Memoirs of the Past

Before life used to be in fast lanes, people were minimalist. They used to work hard in the day, earn enough to eat two times, sleep peacefully over the night, and start all over again the next day. They used to respect each other, celebrated, mourned and participated in any events happening in their neighbors together.

But over the years life has not been the same. As the industrial revolution evolved, people turned to cities. They started to face competition and they needed to fight in order to be heard and get what they deserved. We earned. We bought stuff. We felt happy buying stuff. So we earn more to buy more stuff. Slowly we became so habituated with the cycle that we started to drift from what once mattered to us more than anything. We started accumulating things we may not even need. Suddenly a new kind of competition was there. Competition to look more smart. More trendy. More fashionable. Something more to boast about. It never end.

But minimalistic living is something people eventually turns to, when they finally understand that they have enough of the shenanigans of consumerism.

Continue reading Minimalism and Memoirs of the Past

Buying Dilemma of a New Phone (to Talk)

So, its one of those time of the year, when you feel your (old) phone is getting too old to handle, and there could be many reasons for feeling so, depending on the type of consumer you are.

For me, I am now looking for a new phone, since its giving me a few troubles (which translates to MANY, in my case!).

Personally I don’t want to leave my Sony Ericsson W550i (Walkman), which was a present to me 2 yrs ago from my dad on my birthday and since then, I have built a relationship with this phone. This phone is amazing. Without getting too emotional, I just want to tell that its dedicated keys for Multimedia, Camera, Lock and Video Player is awesome, but also it has so much of features, that just makes it too cool to handle. Continue reading Buying Dilemma of a New Phone (to Talk)

One Afternoon at a Pizza Hut

One thing in my life, which I hated when I ate it the first time, is the most popular food in the western countries – Pizza! I guess much time had passed between its cooking and the time I began to put that in my mouth!

The next time was all the way in my birthday, when I enjoyed it in a shop, along with a friend of mine, and you guessed right, it was for my birthday treat. The shop was Unique Cafe, situated in a famous location of East Delhi – Madhu Vihar Market. And this happened nearly four months ago.


Today, on the 16th day of 2010, I experienced, may be for a little while, what might eating in an expensive food joint feels. And believe me it feels good and may be a little awkward. Continue reading One Afternoon at a Pizza Hut

My Dream Friend

The poem, which I had written when I was in 11th Standard, for “Just Teens”, a section of the Hindustan Times newspaper. This poem got published, in the Write-In section!

When I would get my dream friend
Will it be tomorrow or sometime else?

I don’t know what a best friend means
Because till date I have never seen him
Is it my ego or do I peevish
Whatever it is I can never forgive

In this world of conceitation
Coping with others become a tension
I don’t believe in to be ostentatious
‘Cause I know it cant serve any purpose

I want to be natural I want to be Instinct
As in my opinion
True satisfaction lies only in it
Sometimes I think, may be that’s the reason
For why I do not have pals even one

In the journey to find a friend
I have got many intermediate one
But whenever I tried to question the truth
I am only dragged to the dark ends

To my almighty I can only say
Give me the power, give me the sense
For I could know other’s indigence
And fulfill their demands
If it is necessary to make a best friend

After all it is not worth
To make hundreds friends a year
But to make a friend for hundred years.

Vineet kumar
Class XI
November 2nd, 2003

My Letter to Discovery

As my First official blog, I want to quote following letter which I wrote almost, 5 years ago to discovery channel. I am sharing this letter, in order to explain my philosophy towards life, which I think still persists today.
Allow me to introduce myself. I am ‘Vineet Kumar’; an 18-year boy completed my senior secondary education. I live in the capital city of India, Delhi. I am a strange child but having ordinary abilities, having my father full of expectations for me to come to a higher post. Continue reading My Letter to Discovery